DBA Programs Online

Many schools are now offering DBA programs online for students wanting to receive their doctorates degree in Business Administration.  Many schools found that students wanting to pursue their DBA were unable to start due to work, family, or other current demands, so they decided to develop an online DBA program that caters to working adults.  Some schools require students to go on-campus a few weeks of the year in order to meet with professors and fellow classmates.  This allows for better team building and personal interaction.  Other DBA programs do not require students to attend any on-campus courses and have all teachings through their online learning environment.  This type of online program is great for students that are independent and self-motivated.

DBA programs that are all online have a learning environment that offers all DBA course lectures, DBA professor meetings, as well as a centralized location where classmates can meet to discuss projects or other course material.  DBA programs online can be for working students that want to pursue their DBA degree through part-time study.  This helps working students, since they donít have to put their life on hold to pursue their dream to receive a doctorate in Business Administration.
DBA programs online can also be for students wanting a distance learning DBA program.  Students may be located in an area where a DBA degree is unattainable or the college just isnít as competitive.  A student may elect to attend an online DBA program to pursue their degree from a more competitive institution.  Also, international students wanting to receive their DBA program are able to learn without having to study in another country.  

DBA programs online are more costly than the traditional DBA programs, since students are required to have the technology resources available for them to learn online.  Some schools require students pursuing their DBA degree online to meet on-campus a few times throughout the year, so traveling expenses should be budgeted.  Most schools tend to have a higher tuition cost for online learning, since they must purchase the technology and create an online learning environment. 
All-online DBA programs are less personal, since there are no in-person meetings with other students or professors.  Much of the course work and material is completed by only the student.  The online DBA program is great for students that are self-motivated and can learn on their own.  Itís important to note that there is a minimal amount of interaction with other students and professors in an online program, but it can be very convenient for students that currently have a career and live a busy life.  Students wanting the additional knowledge and skills to take them to the next level in their career should consider a DBA online program. 

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