DBA Programs

Doctor of Business Administration, also known as DBA, is a research doctorate in business administration.  The DBA is similar to a PhD in Business Administration, except students focus more towards applied research rather than theoretical research.  The DBA program allows students to study as part-time students, which is not permitted within the PhD program.  Most of the DBA program focuses on the independent researching and the thesis is written more towards applied research, which makes a direct contribution to actual business practice.  The DBA is more of a hands-on type of program where students can apply their knowledge to real-world experience.  The DBA program is meant to apply new theory to actual business programs, instead of creating new theory. 

DBA programs were designed for students who want to pursue a professional career and arenít seeking an academic career.  The main purpose of a DBA program is to:

   1)  Contribute to both theory and practice in relation to business and management

   2)  Develop professional practice and to contribute to professional knowledge.
Students receiving the DBA degree have the opportunity to pursue a professional or academic career, since the DBA can suffice to obtain tenure-track positions at research-oriented schools, provided the research conducted was of high quality.

DBA candidates may specialize in areas such as management science, technology management, organizational behavior, economics, finance or other practical fields.  Students have the option to choose between full-time or part-time study.  Many DBA programs allow students to work while in school, which is not an option for students in the PhD program. 

In order to be admitted into a DBA program, students must meet the following requirements:

   1)  Received an undergraduate degree as well as an MBA, MS-MBA, or have equivalent qualifications in general management. 

   2)  Some universities also ask for significant experience in a managerial or professional supervisory position involving responsibility for strategic issues.  Most schools want at least 10 years of real-world work experience.

   3)  Complete and submit the respective schools admission application.

   4)  Submit all previous education transcripts along with the admission application fee.

   5)  Complete an admissions interview with program faculty, admissions officer, and/or Dean.

DBA programs require a significant thesis, dissertation or final comprehensive project including a formal defense and approval by nominated examiners or an officially sanctioned and qualified doctoral review committee.  Even after completing the dissertation writing, the D.B.A candidate still needs to go through numerous internal moderations of the dissertation before submitting to external examinations (at least two external examiners).

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